Hydrogen Water


Molecular Hydrogen Infused Pure Drinking/ Non-Carbonated Canned Water Energy Drink | Powerful Antioxidant Protection | Ultra Purified with Electrolytes | Workout Power Booster | 8.3 Fl Oz (30 Can Case)

  • HYDROGEN – THE ORIGINAL SUPER ANTIOXIDANT: Hydrogen Infused smart drinks are supported by over 800 published medical studies. Hydrogen fights free radicals without any known side effects, making hydrogen infused water an active complement to a healthy lifestyle.
  • BE HEALTHIER: Our Hydrogen Infused Water will flush your body with trillions of hydrogen molecules. Molecular hydrogen is an effective antioxidant that pairs only with the worst of the free radicals, Hydroxyl (HO). Hydrogen therapy is safe as there is no upper limit of use. The more water you drink infused with hydrogen, the better.
  • WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK: Hydrogen Infused Water gives your aqua energy a boost as hydrogen is the key ingredient in producing ATP. Post-exercise delivers antioxidants to helps ease muscle soreness, hydrate your body & reduce lactic acid buildup.
  • ADVANTAGES: Our Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water hydrates your body & gives you Powerful Antioxidant, Anti-Aging, Helps in Recovery, Promotes Well Being, Boost Energy Levels & Enhances sports performance.
  • STIMULATES ENERGY METABOLISM: Our Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water helps stimulate your metabolism, promotes healthier metabolic function and improves mental alertness and focus. Hydrogen Infused Water also helps fight age-related energy loss.

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